Traditional Maori Prosperity Fish Hook Necklace

SKU: 1.32
Material: Bone
Presentation: Beautifully presented in a traditional woven flax pouch with Maori spiritual meaning included.
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SKU: 1.32

This hand carved bone fish hook necklace is crafted in a very traditional, organic form. The fish hook is a Maori symbol of prosperity and is said to protect a person when on a journey, and is, therefore, often given to ensure safety when traveling, especially over water.   This bone carved fish hook necklace is attached to a high quality hand braided cotton cord with hand carved bone toggle. Beautifully presented in a traditional woven flax presentation case with a description of the Maori meaning included.   The fish hook (known as the Hei Matau) is a very important New Zealand Maori tribal symbol. The ocean was seen as a great provider, the hook symbolises a deep respect for the ocean and its abundance.   Maori jade and bone carvings are some of the most beautiful organic wearable works of art. This bone necklace has been carved by the hands of a New Zealand  artisan, therefore, is far superior in quality to the light mass produced replica bone necklaces available today.   Bone carving is sacred craft practiced by several native tribes around the world. New Zealand Maori tribal bone carving features a unique organic flow and traditional shapes usually referencing the beauty of the natural world. Each piece holding a spiritual meaning.


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Spritual Meaning: 

The fish hook (hei matau) represents strength, prosperity, abundance and a deep respect for the sea to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. It also is said to provide good fortune and protection when traveling over water and is often worn by travelers (or those on the journey of life). On long fishing trips, the Maori people of New Zealand wore hei matau as a prosperity amulet. It is believed that prosperity is yours when you give or wear the hei matau. It is believed that treasured Maori adornments carry the spirit of those who wear them. A carved adornment is often worn by the giver before gifting to the recipient so when worn by the recipient the spirits of both are combined within the taonga (treasure). Carved adornments are often passed down to future generations and will therefore hold the spirits of all those who have gone forth, becoming a treasured family heirloom.


This taonga (treasure) is presented in a traditional woven flax pouch with documentation about the spiritual Maori meaning included. This fish hook necklace is beautifully presented on a very high quality woven cord with loop and carved bone toggle.